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Vector Cutting and Scribe Marking Systems

GCC X380

As a Global leading manufacturer of laser systems, GCC is always striving to find more ways to utilize technology to assist our customers to do more, thus generate more revenue. DC Excited Laser Tubes have arrived to the market as a low cost alternative to the RF excited tubes that have been used to capture excellence in engraving quality.

Where GCC cannot except the lower quality output (DC excited) for engraving, the increased TEM values of a DC tube, coupled with their very low price for wattage makes this laser format viable for specialty applications like cutting substrates.

Combing the superiority for the GCC laser body and electrical support to these tubes, businesses looking to cut Sign Substrates, Digital Printing materials and Heat Transfer materials for apparel are finding higher wattages for a more attainable price and more importantly a near perfect beam diameter at point of contact that reduces the Kerf created by heat over spill at the material surface.

80 to 100 watts for a very low price makes this approach to technology an excellent solution for your vector cut only applications.

How can a DC Excited Laser system help your application specific jobs?

    • • DC Laser Tubes maintain an almost perfect Beam Spot.
    • • Reduce Kerf affect on material surface for cleaner edges on your material.
    • • Accu Align compatible for optical recognition of crop marks. Adjustments to 10 degrees.
    • • Jobs are handled by software Setting or Operator Placement.
    • • Excellent Cutting quality in acrylics.
    • • 80 or 100 watts power at entry level prices.