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CO2 Commercial Lasers

Mercury III

The Mercury III is a long standing performer which through 3 generations now delivers a 64 bit solution at the industry’s best price.

This full format solution is an excellent laser system for supporting larger systems or as a low cost foundation for your business.

Innovative tools are key to building business.

Drag and Engrave Controls - Allows the operator to place artwork by hand at any location within the workspace, this flexibility in combination with Logic assures that laser always knows where it is , delivering precise quality marking and repeatability.

Smart Position - Is a LaserPro Exclusive that advances job placement controls to an “on the fly” location of your artwork against 2 to 4 points set on the component being engraved. Whether odd shapes acrylic awards or industrial components with high manufacturing costs attached, you can reduce costing positioning errors that can cost you more profits.

Featuring Synrad Laser Tubes, the C180 leaves the entry level lasers far behind as it is built for rugged use for years to come. LaserPro targets Laser Tube life at 4 to 7 years, but we also find many of our Synrad based systems excelling at 8, 10 and even 14 years of life without re-charge.

Focal Sharp Auto Focus is our Plug & Play Focus which makes clear and concise focus as easy as 1 button. Find yourself with unique items to engrave, and the Focus pin is easily removed and replaced as needed.

Pass Through Doors – open opportunity in your marketplace. The possibilities with engraving are endless; does your competition offer more? If not, the Mercury III is your low cost path to offer your marketplace more.

Rugged design and improved electronics earn stellar results in performance and durability. Invest in a Mercury III and keep your maintenance costs low and your opportunity for more revenue high.

The Mercury III has long been a solution in the Sign and Recognition markets. Easy to use controls and dependable functionality make your transition into the world or LaserPro Lasers the most productive path for your business.