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LaserPro Feature Summary

GCC Employs 50+ engineers in our pursuit of the “Best Laser Manufactured” for our customers.

Across 25+ years of this philosophy, GCC has created and patented multiple features that stand alone in the world for their function or together with “other companies” who have adapted similar efforts with which they strive to keep pace with the LaserPro Laser, the Global leader in performance and value.

We believe our efforts can help a business trim a few minutes from each production hour, helping you save just 6 minutes is a 10% gain in productivity.

These Features are listed by value and common usage;

  • Rigid Construction

    From Design to Manufacture we focus on quality, from selection of the best components, to innovative design and quality construction to reduce vibration, our goal is to deliver a system that guides the beam of light of our Synrad Laser on the most effective, precise path to profits.

    Driving profits should be a long term pursuit for the life of your laser, system rigidity reduces damaging vibration that can effect many of the components of any laser system. Light duty design only pays the one who is selling more parts, more often.

  • Easy to Use Control Panel

    Clear and easy to use functions keeps your job list moving through the production process.

    Access up to 100 jobs on board the laser and control job position by eye to hand controls on location points when utilizing Smart Center Job Positioning.

    Enter Advance Features and save a temporary location from which to send a job layout assuring uniform output on multiple plate runs.

  • Smart Position

    Correct Job Placement is crucial for preserving your profits! LaserPro jobs can send a signal to the laser which allows you to identify specific spots on the item being marked with 2 or 4 locations and the laser then calculates the mathematical center. Delivering you more control saves costly position errors which can cost you profits. Excellent for high cost manufactured components, or small items where margin imbalances stand out.

  • Smart Pin Auto Focus

    Focal Sharp AutoFocus was the first generation of AutoFocus in the industry and since we have evolved to a Plug and Play version that assures precise adjustment to variables in material thickness with either a 1 button touch or programmed Print Driver setting. Excellent tool for applications like wood plaques which can vary slightly piece to piece.