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March 28, 2016

EFFICIENCY starts with getting the most out of your resources, not only from a waste point of view, but also when considering the logistics of properly Ordering, Inventory or Materials, Shipping Time, etc.

One of the items we found to be wasteful was using a small sprayer when applying Thermark to metals for pigment marking. We use Preval sprayers as we don’t have the volume that benefits a spraying system, and will likely do a piece or two and then set the sprayer aside. When idle we find the Thermark will dry and clog the sprayer, which then needs to be cleaned before the next cycle of use. So to save time, we take an empty spray bottle filled with Denatured Alcohol. Switching the spray head from the Thermark bottle to the alcohol bottle allows you to spray a little clear alcohol to clean the passage of the sprayer. When you are ready to apply more Thermark simply switch bottles. At such a time the cleaning alcohol becomes dirty enough from the pigment; you can simply add it to the mix of Thermark and refresh the cleaning bottle. A small move for efficiency within your day saves time and makes you more money.


March 15, 2016

Flexibility is a major component of the LaserPro philosophy To Do More and has driven pursuits of our “Laser Innovations” to assist our customer to drive profits. Here is a simple idea that matches the standard mounting holes found on the work bed of our Laser with a Vector Cut block of acrylic. Built with shop scrap we created raster engraved recesses for 5mm machine screws mounting to the work bed and making a Mechanical stop that allows for uniform positioning of the part to be lasered.

Blocking the part assures a perfect perpendicular place for each part of the order, while also utilizing the “Remote Position Save” from the LaserPro On Board Features. Once the job is sent to the laser, the process of product placement is matched uniformly for the entire order and increases your productivity as this uniformity does not require the operator to verify position for each single part. Simple process saves time and drives process.


March 7, 2016

Automate Your Auto Focus from Print Driver – Trimming time is Increasing Profits, to assist in your Profits LaserPro allows you to pre-program the Auto Focus function for each job sent to the laser. Applications like Wood Plaques in the Recognition market is an excellent example where this feature can assure uniformity of character quality which outputs a better product and assure less opportunity for a dis satisfied customer. Consider the effective marking range for a 2.0 Focus Lens (most common in this industry) which makes an effective mark across a vertical range of .065 to .100”. Measure this range against a case of manufactured wood plaques, where even with the best intentions from that manufacturer can vary between 0.00 to .035 and more in the material thickness as the wood that travels though planers and finishers will react differently when processed. At only a .035 variance in one board to the next, your effective focal range has now been effected between 30 to 70%.

1 Button Click in the LaserPro Print Driver initiates a clean and precise focus for each and every new piece of material that you place into the laser for focusing. Save Time, Save Material and Make more Money.