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Industrial Fiber Engraving and Cutting Systems

StellarMark Galvo

Galvo Lasers introduce high volume productivity through part marking with a defined lens based marking area. Reaching marking speeds of 10,000 mm/s. the StellarMark Galvo meets the demands of production line marking.

Solutions available in Galvo Head for introduction into production lines, As a stand alone workstation, Within our LCW Workstation Housing or H230 series for conveyor transport of your parts for volume marking.

How does the StellarMark Fiber or Co2 Lasers help your business?

    • • High Volume marking head keeps crucial part identification within your Real Time Production Control.
    • • Fiber Laser Head – Excellent for clear and concise marking in a variety of metals.
    • • Co2 Laser Head – Opens the precision marking and cutting of organic materials from Plastics, leathers, filter materials, etc.
    • • 2 Point Focusing system is standard on IFII series for quick and easy focus ID.
    • • Red Diode Identification beam illustrates the boundary to be marked saving expensive loss of components to be marked.
    • • LCW Workstation – Accepts Laser head in our designed mount for your Operator Interactive part feed.
    • • H230 – Automated marking system which places our Galvo head onto an X/Y Gantry system for multi station part tray placement.
    • • H230CS – Automated part feed through an Interactive Conveyor system for enhanced productivity levels.

Fiber Lasers

  • S290

    Fiber Lasers address applications on bare metals delivering clear concise marking of alpha numeric characters, diagrams and logos. In a variety of marking output. Easy to use innovation features help you to properly locate the message to be marked, protecting the manufactured components from mis-marking which keeps your costs under your control. Fibers are efficient in energy use and promote extended operation life extending the value of your investment.

  • FMC280

    The FMC280 is a full function Fiber Laser Cutting which utilizes 400 watts of laser power to cut shapes from Stainless, Steel, and Aluminum to 3mm thickness. Gas Assist of inert gases improves cutting process and delivers clean edge quality reducing the call for secondary processing of parts. Small footprint preserves value work shop space.

  • StellarMark

    StellarMark Series are Galvanometer Laser marking systems applicable where speed and exceptional quality are the demand. Available in both the Fiber laser and Co2 Laser format, the StellarMark can reach a speed of 300 character/sec and are commonly found in industrial and/or high volume Recognition and Award applications.

  • LFC Workstation

    The LFC Workstation is a vehicle for operating a StellarMark Galvo Laser Marker safely on the job shop floor, meeting Class 1 safety guidelines for laser. 15.5 x 27:” provides a generous workspace for facilitating the motion and placement of your parts for marking. Complete with pass through doors, the LFC is available in 4 modes from standard, rotary table and slide table to safely move your parts into the safety Interlocked work space.