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CO2 Commercial Lasers

Spirit LS

The Spirit LS is the flagship model of the Spirit line of lasers, appealing to more industry across the globe, winning more accolades for performance and innovation at an un-matched price point. The Spirit LS exceeds industry material standards for Award Shops and Commercial Engravers, while opening opportunity with our pass through doors to the Sign and Industrial applications that sets standard in performance.

Our easy to use controls create an Interactive environment with the system operator, blending technology with human intuitive function that delivers more possibilities for profitability.

Drag & Engrave Controls - Allows the operator to place artwork by hand at any location within the workspace, this flexibility in combination with Logic assures that laser always knows where it is , delivering precise quality marking and repeatability.

Smart Position - Is a LaserPro Exclusive that advances job placement controls to an “on the fly” location of your artwork against 2 to 4 points set on the component being engraved. Whether odd shapes acrylic awards or industrial components with high manufacturing costs attached, you can reduce costing positioning errors that can cost you more profits.

Dura Glide Motion – The precision of our closed loop Servo Motors performing through the Interlocking Linear Rails delivers performance and precision at the fastest throughput rates possible making you more profitable.

Smart Act QSM Technology - enhances your work flow by trimming wasteful motion (over travel) gaining between 20 and 30% more productivity. The engineering response to precision improves throughput for effective motion rather then simply “amping” up motors to reach a speed for a split micro-second of a pass across your material.

Pass Through Engraving - LaserPro Lasers first introduced pass through engraving as we have long had an eye on the endless possibilities our customers face, and the value of our delivering more features to help you meet more of your customer’s requests. LaserPro Lasers, To Infinity and Beyond.

Exceptional Performance in an 18” x 29” format and Built In Component Quality from the Synrad Laser through the best components available, The Spirit LS can be your shops Workhorse Solution for accomplishing more.