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Industrial Fiber Engraving and Cutting Systems


The FMC280 is our Industrial Fiber Laser Cutting System, positioned for industrial applications for precision cutting of metals to 3mm, while benefitting from the use of gas assist for cleaner edge quality reducing any call for secondary processing of parts.

The FMC work bed of 18” x 28” provides plenty of work space without a large system foot print which preserves valuable shop space for your equipment.

How does the LaserPro FMC280 Fiber help your business?

    • • Our Innovative Process controls are easy in concept allowing a greater span of operator that can utilize the tool for more productivity.
    • • The LaserPro FMC 280 utilizes a noncontact capacitive sensor system which allows the system to adjust across any material surface to compensate for changes in the materials from secondary process.
    • • Programmable Origins – System can be moved by hand for placement on material starts allowing for more efficient yield of sheet stock.
    • • FMC280 features the industrial quality of the IPG Laser Source, superior components as GCC selects the best path for profitability for our customers.
    • • Fiber Lasers deliver versatility for bare metal marking in addition to a variety of possibilities for industrial materials.
    • • Fiber Lasers provide a low maintenance and efficient format for effective results and extended Laser source Lafe.

Fiber Lasers

  • S290

    Fiber Lasers address applications on bare metals delivering clear concise marking of alpha numeric characters, diagrams and logos. In a variety of marking output. Easy to use innovation features help you to properly locate the message to be marked, protecting the manufactured components from mis-marking which keeps your costs under your control. Fibers are efficient in energy use and promote extended operation life extending the value of your investment.

  • FMC280

    The FMC280 is a full function Fiber Laser Cutting which utilizes 400 watts of laser power to cut shapes from Stainless, Steel, and Aluminum to 3mm thickness. Gas Assist of inert gases improves cutting process and delivers clean edge quality reducing the call for secondary processing of parts. Small footprint preserves value work shop space.

  • StellarMark

    StellarMark Series are Galvanometer Laser marking systems applicable where speed and exceptional quality are the demand. Available in both the Fiber laser and Co2 Laser format, the StellarMark can reach a speed of 300 character/sec and are commonly found in industrial and/or high volume Recognition and Award applications.

  • LFC Workstation

    The LFC Workstation is a vehicle for operating a StellarMark Galvo Laser Marker safely on the job shop floor, meeting Class 1 safety guidelines for laser. 15.5 x 27:” provides a generous workspace for facilitating the motion and placement of your parts for marking. Complete with pass through doors, the LFC is available in 4 modes from standard, rotary table and slide table to safely move your parts into the safety Interlocked work space.