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CO2 Commercial Lasers

C180 II

Small Format should not translate to “light duty”! The C180 was designed for performance when serving the new or young business that depends heavily on dependable performance at the best price.

GCC is a global manufacturer who places equipment in some of the most demanding locales across the globe. Durability and performance is key for all businesses, and the C180 excels in its ability to help new or young U.S. businesses to keep their eye on building revenue.

Innovation is always key to building business.

Drag and Engrave Controls - Allows the operator to place artwork by hand at any location within the workspace, this flexibility in combination with Logic assures that laser always knows where it is , delivering precise quality marking and repeatability.

Smart Position - Is a LaserPro Exclusive that advances job placement controls to an “on the fly” location of your artwork against 2 to 4 points set on the component being engraved. Whether odd shapes acrylic awards or industrial components with high manufacturing costs attached, you can reduce costing positioning errors that can cost you more profits.

Featuring Synrad Laser Tubes, the C180 leaves the entry level lasers far behind as it is built for rugged use for years to come. LaserPro targets Laser Tube life at 4 to 7 years, but we also find many of our Synrad based systems excelling at 8, 10 and even 14 years of life without re-charge.

Down Draft Table with Slider Controls - Created to serve the rubber stamp market, the dual flow ports draw exhaust downward into a collection box and backward to standard exhaust ports. You can find the balance to your specific applications assuring a clean workspace and minimal “dusting” for your engraved part.

Focal Sharp Auto Focus is our Plug & Play Focus which makes clear and concise focus as easy as 1 button. Find yourself with unique items to engrave, and the Focus pin is easily removed and replaced as needed.

Small Format Lasers should not be designed for small format usage, your business depends on the system you invest in and settling for less is just not good business sense.

The C180 was designed to meet rugged demands, whether you will utilize the C180 quality to build your new business or expand the capacity of your current equipment, we have the solutions you need to be more productive.